Cloud Control System: Anywhere, Anytime…


CCS-Anywhere_time-1-1200x675 (1).png

What is better than remotely control all your Power Factor Correction equipment? Perhaps, doing it with any smart device, anywhere in the world, and at any time… 

This is possible thanks to the Cloud Control System: the real-time monitoring system, of the COMAR automatic PFC systems. This disruptive solution allows you to save your energy… 

…Anywhere,to keep everything connected:

Alarm and notification directly on your device

Cloud access is available by simply connecting via the internet

…Anytime,to keep everything under control:

Remote checkup of capacitor bank status

Continuous monitoring of total energy savings and related pollution reduction

…In Any Way, to keep everything handy: 

Enhanced after-sales service worldwide

SIM IoT VPN technology allows quick and safe access from all over the world

…In Any Case, to keep everything safe: 

Notification for changes in APFC configuration

Monitoring of the power supplied by the single steps with automatic disconnection of faulty ones

To know in detail all the functions of the CCS, as well as the interactive charts available on the online platform, we invite you to watch the full Technical tutorial!