Platinum series, the perfect combination of style and performance


In order to offer an ever-wider range of options to users, LOVATO Electric is expanding its Platinum series with some major new product introductions.

The popular ?22mm chromed plastic version is now supplemented by a robust, impact resistant ?22mm metal version, as well as a ?30mm flat metal version with modern, attractive styling.

The whole Platinum series is one of the most fully featured on the market and combines elegant, ergonomic design with high performance.

Thanks to their high level of protection (IP66, IP67, IP69K and UL Type 4X) and operating temperature range from -25°C to +70°C, Platinum is ideal for use in all environmental conditions (e.g. panels mounted in direct sunlight, marine installations and exposure to frequent high pressure wash cycles).

The modularity of the system, with its standardised range of operators, contacts, LED elements and other accessories, facilitates stock management while enabling the creation of innumerable combinations.

Each version has its own distinctive characteristics.


In detail:


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The strength of the metal ?22mm LPS version is its robust construction and impact resistance, making these products suited to installation in nearly any environment.

Thanks to the materials of which they are made - an alloy of aluminium and zinc (zamak) for the housings and polyamide plastics - they are guaranteed solid, reliable and robust.

But they are even more robust by the fact that the operator is mounted to the panel using a fixing base secured to the panel with two screws.



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High performance is a critical requirement, but when high performance is married to stylish design, the result stands out from the crowd.

The new flush-mounting metal ?30mm unit is the perfect combination of beauty, functionality and robust construction.

Made in the same aluminium/zinc alloy (zamak) as the LPS version, the LPF version features modern ergonomics and styling.

It has a reduced 4mm profile which makes it unobtrusive and pleasant to use, as well as being easy to clean, impact resistant and vandal proof.

Easy installation and solidity are assured by the fact that the operator screws into the ?30mm panel hole with an adapter than hooks onto the mounting base.



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The LPC version's operators are made of polyamide, with a chromed plastic outer collar.

It stands out for its fast installation: the operators can be pre-installed to the panel with a gasket onto which the threaded ring is then tightened down.

The base and contact components snap onto the assembly.


This version offers a full range of operators for any application, including the option of custom solutions.

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All 3 versions offer pushbuttons and push-push buttons, including illuminated versions and, for the ?22mm version only, mechanical reset buttons.

Mushroom head pushbuttons, in the chromed plastic and metal ?22mm versions, are also available as illuminated buttons with a latching mechanism for emergency stop applications.

Double- and triple-touch pushbuttons are also available in the chromed plastic and metal ?22mm version, with and without lamp indicators.

Actuation of the central contacts in combination with the lateral contacts is standard supplied, and the user can decide whether to differentiate central contact actuation (relative to the right and left contacts) by simply removing a plastic actuator.

Lever, key and knob selectors are available for all 3 versions.

The lever can also have an illuminated head for best visibility from the front and side, including a position indicator on the operator.

USB and RJ45 interfaces, available in ?30mm flush-mounting metal and ?22mm chromed plastic versions, offer two-way communications and can also be ordered complete with cabling.

The 22mm metal series includes joysticks complete with contact elements (mounting base and contacts included).

They are available in 2 and 4 position versions, with and without mechanical locking.

The 22mm chromed plastic series includes several versions of monoblock operators with integrated LED lamps, potentiometers, and buzzers.

All versions in the series use the same contact elements.

They combine miniaturised construction with high electrical conductivity, making them ideal for any possible application. Up to 9 elements can be stacked, and they are available in screw fitting and spring mounting push-in versions, Faston versions and versions for installation on the base of LOVATO Electric LPZP... plastic button control stations.

The latching mushroom head buttons can be equipped with automatic contact elements which constantly monitor the mounting and operation of the NC contact and break the circuit in case of malfunction.

The miniaturised and yet very bright LED indicators boast a long service life and are immune to overvoltages and voltage and current peaks.

They are ideally suited to applications characterised by vibration and flickering, and to suppress unwanted illumination due to induced currents in the cabling.

The contact elements and LED indicator elements have a very low-profile footprint on the back of the mounting panel, always an advantage in applications with limited space availability.

The operators' external collars also feature a low profile, to ensure that the overall footprint and protrusion of the assembly is as small as possible.

The total depth from the panel surface to the first contact element is just 43mm for the 22mm metal/plastic version, and 49mm for the 30mm flat metal version.

As with the contacts and LED indicator elements, most of the accessories are compatible with the entire Platinum range, including: label holders and labels, protective covers, DIN rail adapters, rubber caps for operators, padlockable protections, disks for mushroom head emergency buttons and adapters for installing 22mm operators in 30mm holes.

The Platinum series is the outcome of LOVATO Electric dedication and the response to the modern requirements of industrial automation and installation.