New series of rigid connections


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When it comes to cabling, the technician's main concern is to work fast without making mistakes.

LOVATO Electric's response to this need is a new series of rigid connections for motor starters and changeover contactors.

Conventional cabling involves flexible cables cut to size and connected to each pole, often in inconvenient positions and with a very high probability of error. Cabling a panel quickly and without making mistakes in restricted space conditions is a complicated, difficult business.

Now, with the launch of LOVATO's rigid connections, cabling is quick and easy and the probability of error is effectively zero.

This is made possible by the construction of the connection itself.  The connector's insertion point is easily visually identifiable, and the terminals position themselves close to the contactors, making the procedure foolproof and - above all - fast.

The new rigid connections free up space in the panel and are also aesthetically pleasing.

With all live parts completely isolated and hence non-hazardous, the new rigid connections are safe and installed without blocking access to the coil terminals. This makes it possible to modify auxiliary connections even in the presence of power connections.

LOVATO Electric offers 21 different types of kit for:

reversing contactors, available for contactors up to 230A AC-3 400V;

changeover contactors, for contactors up to 350A in category AC-1; available in both 3 and 4 pole versions;

star-delta starters for motors up to 225A AC-3 400V.

Thanks to lengthy and rigorous testing, the new rigid connections have obtained cULus certification.